Innovative thinking for the coffee industry.

Product Development & Design Consulting: Collaborating with clients on product development and design can help them create unique and appealing coffee-related products. This could include developing innovative brewing equipment, coffee accessories, or even coffee-based beverages. Your expertise in the industry can guide clients through the process, from ideation to commercialisation.
Roasting Facility Design, Efficiency Consulting & Technical Support: Designing an efficient and effective roasting facility is crucial for achieving consistent roast profiles and maximising productivity. By offering consulting services in this area, we can assist clients in optimising roasting processes, layout, equipment selection, and energy efficiency. This can lead to improved roast quality, reduced costs, and increased overall efficiency.
Cafe Design, Equipment Consulting & Technical Support: Assisting clients with cafe design and equipment selection is valuable for creating functional and aesthetically pleasing coffee shops. By considering factors such as workflow optimisation, ergonomics, equipment performance, and customer experience, we can help clients design efficient and successful cafes that align with brand image and target audiences.
Roasting & Sensory Training: Roasting and sensory training programs can help coffee professionals enhance their skills and knowledge. By providing hands-on training in areas such as roast profiling, cupping, flavour analysis, and quality control, we excel in contributing to the development of skilled roasters and sensory experts within the industry.
Gorilla Gear High Spec Long Life Coffee Grinder Burrs: We develop high-quality and durable grinder burrs that are essential for achieving consistent grind size and maximising flavour extraction. By focusing on innovation in burr design and materials, we can provide coffee professionals with reliable and long-lasting grinding solutions.

We provide technical support, servicing, and customisation for both domestic and commercial coffee equipment, as well as coffee roaster machines and production facility equipment.

About Silverback Coffee Solutions

Silverback Coffee Solutions by John Gordon

Silverback Coffee Solutions have a strong foundation and expertise in the coffee industry. With 27 years of experience and a global reach, John Gordon, founder of Silverback Coffee Solutions & Gorilla Gear has gained valuable insights and knowledge about product development, hospitality, and consulting services related to coffee.

Staying up to date with the latest advancements in the coffee industry is indeed crucial for success. Innovation plays a significant role in making each cup of coffee better than the last, as customers' tastes and preferences evolve over time. By continuously improving our products, exploring new technologies, and providing training and consulting services, we can ensure that our clients receive high-quality and innovative solutions that include the following,

Technical Support: Our customers rely on our expertise to troubleshoot and resolve any issues they may encounter with their coffee equipment. Prompt and effective technical support can help minimize downtime and disruptions in their operations, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Servicing: Regular maintenance and servicing of coffee equipment is essential for ensuring optimal performance and longevity. We help you keep your equipment in top condition, preventing breakdowns and optimising the quality of your coffee production.

Customisation: Customising coffee equipment to meet specific needs and preferences, Whether it's modifying machines for improved functionality, adding personalised branding, or implementing specific features, customisation can provide added value and enhance the customer experience.

Coffee Roaster Machines and Production Facility Equipment Support: Offering support, servicing, and customisation for coffee roaster machines and production facility equipment, these machines play a critical role in the coffee production process, ensuring proper functionality and efficiency is essential for consistent and high-quality coffee production.

If you have any specific questions or need assistance with any aspect of your coffee business, please get in touch!